Duke imagery

The online portfolio of Australia photographer Dave Newcombe and the tales of his adventures.



Welcome to Duke imagery, I'm Dave your resident photographer and all round nice guy. Fitted with a passion for all things photographic; I am exploring not only the world but myself as a creator.  While some might say there is nowhere left to discover, the journey within is a great big adventure with loads to discover, and I am just beginning to un-earth my creative potential.
Finding beautiful scenes, engaging in my creative freedom, and producing results that evoke in others the spine-tingling urge to travel is what I am all about. The desire to inspire, that is my goal. 
Whether in natural or urban landscapes, be it aerial or astrophotography,  I appreciate and make a point to practice diverse forms of photography, because just like the universe itself, everything around us is inexorably interlinked; one element depends on the other, and just as one style feeds it's creativity into another's inspiration, so we as photographers depend on each other to grow and learn from our art form. 

So welcome to me, and my journey.